7 Wonderful Ways to Create Your Christmas Table Setting

Christmas is already around the corner! It’s a perfect moment to celebrate with your loved ones. Family and friends will come together to share Christmas meals. So it’s not exaggerating to say that the way you decorate your tables is as much important as all of the foods you are going to eat.

However, we admit that decorating a table for Christmas dinner is not as easy it seems. It isn’t just about putting fancy cutleries on your dinner table or bringing out your aesthetic candles. You also need to make sure that this decorated table will make everyone feel comfortable and keep them to come back year after year. Follow our guide and have your perfect Christmas table setting done in no time.


One of many reasons why Christmas become our favorite time of the year is the decoration. So, don’t be afraid to experiment with your Christmas setting table. Go all out! Combine colors that you wouldn’t usually combine! Make your table sparkle with a touch of gold! You can combine it with a red color to create your Brilliant Bordeaux ambiance.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to paint your table red or gold. Cover your table with a red cloth. Use gold-themed plates and put them on the table. Don’t forget a gold centerpiece to add drama to the table design. As a finale, put a special gift for each guest, wrapped in the red and gold-themed papers.


Yes, Christmas is associated with red and green colors. But you don’t always have to go with that. If you’re looking for a breakout from the usual holiday color palette, just go with the combination of black and white. Use a white tablecloth to create a clean and neat aesthetic. Meanwhile, black silverware will give a modern feel to the overall table design. Then have yourself a merry White Christmas theme on the go.


As a great host, you must only want the best for your Christmas guests. So don’t hesitate to bring out your best cutleries collection. This doesn’t only include spoons and forks, but also plates and glasses. If you feel like your cutleries don’t go well enough with this year’s theme of Christmas table dinner, you can always go shopping.


You might not use cloth napkins every day, but Christmas is the perfect excuse for cloth napkins to make a comeback. They are such perfect items for such a special day like Christmas. Cloth napkins can add a little something extra to your Christmas setting table without requiring too much effort.

However, if you’re having a large number of guests, it can cost a lot of money to buy new fancy napkins. As an alternative, you can use paper napkins instead. Fold them into an attractive design so that you can save more money without hurting your Christmas setting table.


To create an enjoyable Christmas dinner, you need to make sure that every guest feels comfortable spending their time at your home. The key is to make your guests relaxed. You can put a home fragrance like our Harper Reed Diffuser or Cordon Reed Diffuser on your table. These diffusers will provide a relaxing smell that adds more comfort to your Christmas dinner atmosphere.

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Next, make sure that your table has a stunning centerpiece as the center of attention. A festive wreath may sit on the center of the table filled with candles for a quick and easy touch. sturdy pillar candles in varying sizes on a heatproof mat and make sure the foliage is away from the flame. Or as an alternative, select battery-powered candles that can look as good as the real thing also.

A greenery and blooms runner is a low-profile floral choice that is easy for guests to chat over – place down the center of the table entwined with some battery-powered fairy lights and add a couple of baubles to the mix.


Who doesn’t love a tasty Christmas treat? It’s an undeniable fact that it is one of the best parts of the holidays. Preparing for your big Christmas party or Christmas dinner menu with friends and family not only gets you into the holiday spirit, but it''s a great way to make lasting memories too.

This year, allow your creativity to flow when it comes to decorating your Christmas menu. In that spirit, Harper and Cordon has rounded up the best Christmas treats and sweets that will add some beauty to your Christmas table as well as to please the heart and bellies. Get creative and try something different this year!

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Make sure your Christmas lunch or dinner is as festive and impressive as possible by following our helpful guide and bring some added wow factor to your table setting this festive season. We wish you are going to have a wonderful Merry Christmas and we hope you’ll have an amazing time with your loved ones!

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