5 Stunning Lunar New Year Gifts to Impress Your Clients

Hustle and bustle, Chinese New Year is here! If you haven’t had the chance to impress your corporate recipients during Christmas, now is the time to redeem yourself and make that ultimate impression. We all know that oranges and red packets are most commonly exchanged between friends and family during this festive period, but what about corporate gifts during Chinese New Year?

Choosing the best Chinese New Year gift for your clients, business partners, and co-workers is certainly important as this can show them how much you value them and want the best for them this coming year. What better gift to give them than a Chinese New Year hamper? Hampers have a wide variety of goods which anyone would enjoy. From fruit hampers to gourmet hampers, you can never go wrong with them!

Bring the huat! to your clients and business associates and be remembered for it with the following Chinese New Year gifts for 2020!


Wines are often exchanged as staple business greetings, so you definitely can’t go wrong with a Chinese New Year gift of wines. Our wine collections are exclusively curated for all wine connoisseurs who prefer a sip of something lighter as compared to downing invigorating spirits or hard liquors.

Or even better, browse our Chinese New Year gift hampers of wines that are also complemented by sweet and savory treats for your recipients to admire. Wine down after a hearty Chinese New Year dinner with a celebratory toast to mark the arrival of the Lunar New Year!

Browse through H&CO curation of wine collection here


Don''t miss out on our specially crafted cakes by our sister company HOWEY Patissier. Designed with well-wishes for the recipient, HOWEY presents four showstopper cakes filled with delicious layers of biscuits, liquor-infused syrups, creams, nuts, ganaches and wrapped with flavored buttercreams. Simply define!

Also introducing the new 2020 addition to our Lapis selections, Lapis Cranberry. Made with lots of butter, yolks, and cranberries, these Harper & Cordon’s classic lapis are sure to get you into Spring-spirit.

Order HOWEY Taste of Spring cake collection here


The Lunar New Year is an occasion where we definitely can’t miss out on the fruits, especially oranges. These vibrant fruits that can be seen everywhere during the festive period are symbols of luck and good fortune. After all, what’s stopping you from sharing the good fortune through traditional gifts of CNY fruit hampers with your picky clients?

We propose a basketful of fresh and vibrant fruits to wish your associates a plentiful year of prosperity. You may also complement these baskets of plenitude with auspicious wines, prosperous treats or even festive CNY goodies for that touch of abundance. Such a juicy Chinese New Year gift hampers to suit your corporate gifting needs!

Browse through H&CO fresh fruit hampers here


Plants and floral blooms as symbols of life and rebirth are great Chinese New Year gift choices for welcoming the Spring Festival. In bright and radiant colors and adorned with festive accessories, these Chinese New Year flowers and plants will liven up the atmosphere and usher in positive energies for a flourishing year.

What better way is there to mark the coming season of blooms than with the gift of flowers, a clear icon of spring? Send a gift of Chinese New Year flowers to wish your corporate recipients’ youthful energies and a vibrant blooming year ahead!

Browse through H&CO fresh flower hampers here


Sometimes, the festive occasion is also a time for all things loud and bright. Surprise your corporate recipients with extravagant Chinese New Year hampers to leave a lasting impression. For corporate gifts like these, the bigger and the brighter they are, the better the results.

Decked in vivid colors with eye-catching designs and decorations, our Chinese New Year gift hampers are made for attracting attention. Your picky clients will appreciate your extra efforts for securing an extravagant Chinese New Year gift, and for letting this magnificent surprise kick-start their prosperous year.

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Whichever of these gifts you choose, we can guarantee you that this Chinese New Year will certainly be a great one especially if you celebrate it with the people you care about. Whether they re colleagues, friends, or family, sending Chinese New Year Hampers can make your bonds stronger than ever.

Nothing announces Chinese New Year like the arrival of H&CO hampers at the doorstep. Celebrate by sending one to everyone this Spring festival. Explore more than 30 selections of H&CO CNY2020 Hampers and Gift Boxes collection filled with everyone''s favorite of festive flavors to impress your picky clients! So take a look at our CNY2020 collection and let your greeting and gifting season begin!

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