5 Creative Ways to Re-Use your Hamper Basket

Christmas and Chinese New Year are two holidays celebrated by many people across the globe. Everybody does their own way to celebrate. In many countries, people tend to share their happiness with others. Meanwhile, some people prefer to do a gift exchange. This would be very interesting since many members of a group of friends or family take part.

In some countries, both occasions are celebrated by using traditional touch. For instance, holding a family gathering, praying together, and visiting the elders. They are also well prepared to hold the event to ensure everything runs well. They give a gift to each other to create better vibes. Did you get H&CO hamper basket from the recent Christmas or recently?

Nothing needs to go to waste when you receive H&CO hamper basket, every product is carefully hand-selected to be both practical and a tasty treat. We have been always working on designing, selecting and testing the basket that not only perfectly protects the hamper’s contents but also to look so amazing that you’ll want to use them again and again, year after year!

Here are our top 5 ways to re-use your H&CO hamper basket, once all the treats have been enjoyed.


You can modify your hamper basket as bathroom storage. First, you need to decide what storage you want to make. You can add some wools to divide the basket into some parts. It eases you to put toiletries in. They can be put in a certain part of the basket according to their type. For instance, put a toothbrush in the same place where the toothpaste stands.

Since the bathroom is a wet area, make sure that your basket covered by something waterproof. You have to keep your stuff dry to maintain the cleanliness. If needed, you can bind the basket with your unused clothes as a rope that can make your basket hung in a certain object.


If you have some pets in your house, you can use your hamper basket as a pet bed. The simple way to make it is by adding some stuff in. Ensure that the basket is bigger than your pet body. A cat, an adorable animal, does not need a big space to sleep. You can use as small as 40 centimeters basket as the pet bed. 

To make him/her more comfortable, add something that will be used as the pad. You can use your unused towel, fabric, cloth, or pillow, and put it inside. Do not forget to cover the whole area to make it warmer.


Possibly one of the most common places to get cluttered easily, the kitchen would make a great home for your new hamper basket, holding dried foods, utensils, accessories and reusable food containers. Hamper basket is wonderfully versatile in the kitchen. Ideal for sliding into a kitchen island, they can hold a variety of dry goods and packets making your cupboards more accessible. They are also perfect for rounding up lunch boxes and drinks bottles.

Kitchen storage is an important component that many people have in the house. Because of its function as the place for kitchen stuff, you can use your hamper basket to make something new that has a unique value. You can add an unuse fabric or rope to divide it into several parts. One part can be used as the place for fork and spoon, knife, and other sharp stuff.


Any parent will know that toy storage is an ongoing issue! Children often have a tendency to love what can only be described as ‘bits and bobs’ that seem to migrate to every corner and surface of the house – hiding them in the new hamper basket is the perfect solution.

Hamper basket also makes fantastic storage for children’s toys as they contain enough capacity for large items. With a variety of toys that range from action figures to soft animals, turning a hamper basket into a toy box is an easy way to tidy a chaotic bedroom and is easily accessible for playtime.


One of our favorite ways of re-using hamper basket is to make them into planters. Whether you fill your them with pre-potted herbs to sit on your kitchen windowsill, or line them and fill them with soil to make extra planting space in a small garden, hamper basket make simple additions to your living space.

Urban planting nowadays is gaining more attention, especially from millennials. You can modify your hamper basket as the place for some plants. For planters, this re-use method is known as the easiest way to do the planting. The most important thing that you need to do is covering the bottom part with something that’s waterproof. Place them in front of your window or line them in a certain place that has a space to get sun rays.

Those are the top 5 ways to re-use your H&CO hamper basket that you can do easily. All recycle tips above do not need any difficult materials and can be made whenever and wherever you are. We’d love to hear or see, how you’ve put our baskets to use over the years, whether it’s been sneaked out into the shed for tools/seeds or a central feature in your living room,
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