5 Gifts to Gift on Mother's Day

The first special woman in the life of *nearly* everyone should be their mother. So this Mother''s Day, show how much you appreciate everything she has done for you. What you can do most importantly is to treat her with the kindness and courtesy that she deserves. Still, there''s nothing wrong with making this Mother''s Day the best she has ever had.

Because every mother is special, you will have to figure out what makes her happy. Think of those moments when you caught her smiling. Use your memories to bring another smile to her face. Does she enjoy quality time with you more than gifts? Does she prefer handmade gifts over something from the store? Come up with a specific treat that shows how much you care about her.

Most of us like to present a gift they will cherish and enjoy to our moms. This can be as simple as a scarf or as sophisticated as a trip, whatever you choose to give her, as long as you put thought into it and give her something that you know she will like. Here are some fun gift ideas for your mother that you might want to consider:


Give her an embroidered scarf with her name monogrammed. If you want to go further, have your birthday (and year) placed someplace discreet, like on the underside of a corner. Or have something personal embossed on a planner or journal. If your mother likes to document special occasions and activities, she will love having something nice to use. Include a matching pen to make it even more special.


Give her a locket with a photo. If your mother has a locket with a photo of her children tucked away inside, she will cherish this forever. Find an image with you and all of your siblings to make it even more memorable.


Give her an autographed book. Does your mother love to read? Find out who her favorite living author is and find a way to get a signed copy of the latest published book by that author. Or subscribe to a monthly or weekly magazine that she will receive. She will think of you every single month when her favorite magazine arrives in the mail.


Bring her a bouquet. Select her favorite blooms in colors she loves, perfectly arranged in a vase that she can keep forever. Or give her a live flower, plant, or tree. If your mother is an outdoorsy gardening type, she will cherish a new rose bush, shrub, or tree that will grow and remind her of her thoughtful children.


Design an herb garden. If she enjoys cooking, you can make her either an outdoor or indoor herb garden, depending on where she lives. Make sure you label each one. If she has never had fresh herbs in her garden, include some instructions on how to care for them.


Grant her a weekend getaway or a cruise. If you have the financial means, perhaps your mother would enjoy getting away for a couple of days. It would be great if you could go with her and the rest of the family, but even if you can not, still she will appreciate your thoughtfulness. Make sure all expenses and gratuities are covered so she won''t have any unexpected expenses.


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