7 Gifting Trends for the Christmas Season

As the countdown to the Christmas season begins, we have compiled a list of this year’s top trends – what is inspiring people for the upcoming celebrations or what is the perfect gift for creating the greatest memories.

Some people seem to start looking for ideas for Christmas as early as June! Yeah, we thought it was also a bit early, but hey, there''s nothing like being organized!

According to Pinterest, people start looking for inspiration for what to cook, how to decorate, and what to buy up to three or four months in advance for most seasonal moments like Christmas and New Year.

Personalization, self-love, sustainability and making memories are the key themes this year. Here are the gifting trends we think will continue to sparkle this holiday season.


Wellness is bound to jingle some bells this holiday season. This category experienced a whopping rise of 231% year over year growth. Top trending ideas include workout and relaxation gear alike: essential oils, hydration jugs, workout outfits, shower melts, and aromatic playdough.


We all enjoy daydreaming about home decoration and that''s a reality – the category has seen an increase of 123 % over the year! Clearly, during the cool months, we all want to get extra cozy and share the warmth with others! This season it’s all about bringing the Hygge home. Think warm-toned basics like brass kitchen hardware, terracotta candle holders, crochet blankets, fairy lights, and copper kitchen utensils.


During this magical time of the year, bling-bling things are always on everyone’s minds. This year 37% more people consider gifting some jewelry to their loved ones. Top trending pieces include dainty gold rings, vintage emerald engagement rings, leafy earrings, pineapple pendants, and leather bracelets.


Tangled cords are not nearly as fun as tangled Christmas lights – at least you don’t deal with the latter every day! This year, 34% more gift-givers want to treat their close ones to something practical: cable organizers, functional backpacks, wearable, and personalized tech gizmos are among the most popular gift ideas in this category.


This one shouldn’t come as a surprise as toys and games always take center stage during the holidays (after all, it’s kids who win the season). With year over year growth in the category up 32%, gift-givers are bound to put a bow on these ideas: stuffed animal hammocks, take-along legos, and eco-friendly games.


Foodies rejoice – edible and drinkable gifts are in higher demand this season. This year guests are planning out their hosting gifts early on. The dessert category has seen a 63% year over year growth, and drinks save increased by 21% within the same period.


The good old “gifts baskets” have just gotten a bit more elaborate – 257% more people search. The best part is that the gift basket idea can be easily combined with the previous trends – think a hosting basket full of little favorite things for your dearest ones.

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